Large Olive Wood Star of David Necklace - 1.6"-24a Large Olive Wood Star of David Necklace - 1.6.PNG

Large Olive Wood Star of David Necklace - 1.6"

$2.50 x 1


Total: $2.50

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The beauty and fine craftsmanship of this exquisite
treasure is captured in each and every piece.
Every Star is unique and different because the cut of the wood 
and because it is Hand Carved.

These Olive Wood Star of David hangs on black lace cord

~ Your clients will wear it, Carry it in their pocket,
Hang it in their car or in their room!
These are great original gifts for both men and women!
The Star of David is connected to a magic shield possessed by King David
 that protected him from his enemies.
 The shield was inscribed with the seventy-two letter names of G-d. The Star of David 
represents the harmony of creation and life. The early use of the star was limited to the
 mystical practitioners of Kabbalah". 
The top triangle strives upward toward G-d and the spiritual world, 
while the lower triangle strives downward to the material world.
 The intertwining represents the inseparable nature of the Jewish people from God.
 Hence, it is a symbol of the history and roots of the Jewish people.